About the Arts at Casper College

About the Arts at Casper College

Casper College has a unique and rich history in the arts dating back to when the college opened in 1945. Arts and humanities events are special to the college and to our community, which is why people from around the region come to Casper College to explore their imagination and humanity.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or student or someone that simply enjoys experiencing the arts, Casper College offers a wide array of opportunities for you to do just that. If you take a stroll around campus, you’ll notice just how much Casper College offers with an impressive array of buildings, performance centers, art galleries, museums and of course, dedicated faculty that make it all happen. The college is a ‘hub’ for the arts, and it is our mission to engage you in our celebration of humanity.

Casper College offers students from around the country an exceptional educational experience by giving them the opportunity to experience their chosen field in all of its grandeur, whether that is performing in a professional theater or dance production, playing live in a state-of-the-art concert hall, or exhibiting their work in one of the campus galleries. There’s nothing like an opening night when the hard work and determination of students, faculty and the community come together for a performance.

We could never do all of this without the strong support of our community. We receive lots of support from community actors, musicians, artists, and even technical support for our productions. Your attendance adds to the experiences of our students, so it is our mission to continually renew our approach and bring you fantastic events you’ll always remember.

About the School of Fine Arts and Humanities

The School of Fine Arts and Humanities consists of five departments: English, Music, Theatre and Dance, Visual Arts, and World Languages. Each department focuses on a specialized area of fine arts and humanities and each has a region-wide reputation for excellence.

The English Department offers valuable preparation for a future in many professional areas including business, federal service, law, and medicine. English continues to be excellent preparation for a career in education.

The Music Department has a complete offering of the first two years of a baccalaureate degree in several areas, including performance and music education. Casper College provides the student with quality teaching in a smaller classroom environment and curricula that develop comprehensive musicianship.

The Theatre and Dance Department offers students opportunities for experience in productions from the beginning of their time at the college. The department's mission is to provide a foundation in theatre and dance, preparing students for admission at the baccalaureate level.

The Visual Arts Department gives students an opportunity to work in a variety of art media and decide which area should become a specialty. Students within the Visual Arts Department at Casper College will gain reasonable facility in many media providing them with a comprehensive artistic experience.

The World Languages Department and an associate degree in one of three core languages of French, German, or Spanish will better prepare students to successfully enter the global economy.

Events hosted by the English Department include:
  • Each fall, the English Department hosts a Literary Conference, which brings in authors from all levels of publishing to talk about their experience, craft, as well as hold workshops to help students and community members hone their creative writing skills.
  • Annually, the department publishes Expression, an award-winning arts and literary magazine focusing on creative and exemplary student work.
  • In conjunction with the University of Wyoming at Casper, the department hosts The Culture Club, an organization that provides opportunities for students who share a love of books, movies, and theater to meet one another.
Events hosted by the Music Department include:
  • Numerous recitals, concerts, and festivals each year, often featuring music students as well as community musicians and renowned guest artists.
  • Each February, the Kinser Jazz Festival brings acclaimed jazz artists to work with students and perform for the public.
  • Many concerts are held in the beautiful Wheeler Concert Hall in the Music Building, which is a magnificent venue for experiencing live acoustic performances.
Events hosted by the Theatre and Dance Department include:
  • A full, four-production season of quality events that are entertaining, educational, and thought provoking. The season includes a musical theatre production in the fall, followed by a play later in the semester. The spring semester includes a themed dance concert and a play.
  • In addition, musical theatre, acting, and dance showcases are open to the public at the end of each school year, as well as a dance showcase at the end of the first semester.
Events hosted by the Visual Arts Department include:
  • The Goodstein Gallery, in the center of the Goodstein Visual Arts Center, is dedicated to showcasing influential 20th century art, work by contemporary guest artists who also provide presentations and workshops, faculty shows, and juried student exhibitions.
  • The Mildred Zahradnicek Gallery is located in the Music Building, and hosts at least four exhibitions per year, often paring thematically with the RedStone Recital and Gallery Series or the Literary Conference.
  • Artist talks and studio presentations are held throughout the year, and serve to shed new insights into a variety of contemporary media.
Events hosted by the Word Languages Department include:
  • Cultural events.
  • Regular opportunities for immersion in the language through travel courses.
  • Inaugurated in 2017, Casper College hosts an American Sign Language Festival, which focuses on the culture and usage of this unique form of communication.