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Kinser Jazz FestivalBen Markley Big BandKinser Jazz FestivalKinser Jazz FestivalJohn Roberts y Pan BlancoKinser Jazz Festival

The School of Fine Arts and Humanities improves the quality of people’s lives by offering educational experiences that stimulate critical thinking, promote creative work, and serve as a catalyst for communication and reflection that shapes society and encourages life-long learning.

2023 Upcoming Events

Casper College Alumni Association Art Gallery

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Love and Nature Featuring work by Christy Nottingham Johnston

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Jazz Night

It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

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Voice Studio Recital

Deaf Expressive Arts Festival- D.E.A.F.

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Casper College Collegiate Chorale and College Band Concert

Wyoming Thespian Festival

A Feast of Carols: A Christmas Tapestry

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A Feast of Carols: A Christmas Tapestry

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Student Dance Showcase

2024 Upcoming Events

Kinser Jazz Festival

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Pencils Down! ( A contemporary Dance Performance)

Choirs Concert

College Band Concert

Voice Studio Recital

Jazz Night

The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical

Music of the Masters

College Band

Musical Theatre & Acting Showcase

Student Dance Showcase

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The School of Fine Arts and Humanities consists of five departments: English, Music, Theatre and Dance, Visual Arts, and World Languages. Each department focuses on a specialized area of fine arts and humanities and each has a region-wide reputation for excellence.

Want to study the arts? Development of talents in the fine arts and humanities areas has been a part of Casper College since its inception. Check out the great academic programs and performance opportunities available in our School of Fine Arts and Humanities.

New & Noteworthy

Getting to the Art of the Matter

Want to sell your car? Take a piano class. Interested in law school? Perhaps you should audition for “Guys and Dolls.” A fine arts degree can teach you so many useful skills.

Research continues to show the value of the arts in educating our children. But what about college students? What do they get from the arts? To answer those two questions, we talked to eight successful former Casper College students who are now working in their respective fields. In discussing their careers, they offer numerous ways that music, dance, painting, and acting apply to other professions such as law, finance, sales, and politics. Oddly, no one brings up the world of physics. Read more >

Matthew Dailey


AJ Campbell


Shaley George

Museum Studies

Michelle Jarvis

Technical Theatre

Darren Lougee


Gabrielle Reeves

Fine Art

Kit Robertson